Heygates Other Feeds

Goat Mix
16% Protein 7.5% Fibre
A premim molassed coarse mixture for goats.

Rabbit Pellets
18% Protein 16% Fibre
A 3mm pellet suitable for commercial and domestic rabbits, Includes a coccidiostat.

Spring Rabbit Mix
16% Protein 11% Fibre
A premium dry mix for rabbits with cooked cereals, flaked peas, minerals and vitamins.

Country Herb Rabbit Mix
16% Protein 9.5% Fibre
A lightly molassed coarse mixture for rabbits.

Llama Mix
16% Protein 9% Fibre
A molassed mix based on cooked cereals with high levelsof minerals and vitamins. Suitable for both Llamas and Alpacas.