Heygates Horse Feeds

Meadow Blend Coarse Mix
Meadow blent contains the scame blend of quality raw materials as Traditional Blend but with added herbs, garlic and live yeast. Yeast has been shown to improve fibre digestionand mineral uptake as well as improving hoof and coat condition. Meadow Blent is suitable for all horses in light to moderate work or at rest. The enhanced palatibility of the herbs and cooked cereals also make Meadow Blend an ideal feed for the older horse.

Challenger Coarse Mix
13% Protein 6.5% Fibre
Challenger is a high energy coarse mixture for horses and ponies in hard work and competition. The high energy level is supplied from both cerial and oil sources for balanced safe nutrition. The daily feeding rate should be between 0.6 and 1.1kg per 100kg of body weight in medium work rising to between 1.2 and 1.5kg per 100kg body weight for a horse in hard work.

Horse And Pony Nuts
11% Protein 19% Fibre
A high fibre ration based on fresh bran products from the Heygates flour mills fortified with minerals and vitamins. Horse and pony nuts are a safe non heating diet for all horse and ponies at rest of in light to moderatre work.

Country Herb Chaff
A light molassed straw chaff with added herbs.

Fresh wheat bran from the Heygates flour mills.

Cooked Flaked Barley
Traditional steam cooked barley, softer and more digestible that many alternatives. Ideal where weight gain is required.

Rolled Oats
Quality English Oats, lightly rolled.