Specialist Meats

We sell a selection of specialist meat products as well as our home produced Beef and Lamb. More information can be found below.

Wicks Manor are producers of fine pork sausages, bacon, ham and gammon from animals born and reared on their farm. All pigs are fed with wheat and barley grown and milled on the family farm. Quality pork is produced from pigs reared in large open straw pens and all animals live under the strict welfare regulation or Farm Assured British Meat.
Their range of sausages include Pork, Pork & Apple, Pork & Mustard and the Olde English flavoured with Thyme, Nutmeg and Pepper. Sausages are made with hand-boned shoulder, have no added fat and are filled into natural skins.
Bacons are smoked with a blend of oak and beech woodchips and dry-cured by hand with a blend of curing salts and Demerara sugar.

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