Heygates Poultry Feeds

Country Layers Pellets & Meal
16% Protein 4.5% Fibre
Country layers is formulated from traditional quality ingredients as a 3mm pellet or a coarsely ground meal. The yolk colouring pigments added are Citrazanathin which occurs naturally in the skins of oranges and Lutein and Zeaxanthin produced from marigold petals. Calcium is added to providestrong shells, together with all the necessary mineraks and vitamins. Country Layers should be fed ad-lib to laying birds together with a constant supply of grit and fresh water.

Specialist Layers Pellets & Meal
17% Protein 5% Fibre
An 17% protein layers ratio designed for more intensive layers units

Baby Chick Crumbs
19% Protein
Baby Chick Crumbs is a high protein product for chicks up to 3 or 4 weeks of age. A coccidiostat is added to help prevent disease.

Poultry Growers Pellets
15.5% Protein 2.5% Fibre
Designed to follow on from baby chick crumbs at 3-4 weeks. Due to the coccidiostat, Poultry Growers Pellets should be be fed for 5 days before slaughter and should not be fed to replacement laying birds over 16 weeks of age.

Maintenace Pellets No.5
17% Protein
A pellet for game birds, wildfown and other poultry where the birds are required to maintain a good body condition without growing to fast.

Heygates Turkey Feeds

Turkey Starter Crumbs
26% Protein
Fine crumbs for freeding up to 4 weeks of age

Turkey Rearer Pellets
24% Protein
Can be fed up to 12 weeks of age. (Contains a coccidiostat)

Turkey Growers Pellets
21% Protein
A non medicated grower pellets.

Turkey/Poultry Finisher Pellets
16% Protein
A non medicated pellet for turkets and other fattening poultry.