Home Produced Charcoal

Chiltern Lump Wood Charcoal About 16 years ago we were clearning up some black poplar trees that had fallen down during a rainstorm. The logs are no good for open fires so the wood was burnt on a bonfire. The following day i noticed some lumps of charcoal amongst the ashes (charcoal are pieces of wood that have been subjected to an intense heat but starved of oxygen so it doesn't turn to ashes) and this got me thinking wether we could make charcoal from all the wood.
After doing some research and spending a weekend with another charcoal maker i came home and built my own charcoal kiln using an old railway tanker. It was designed and made to be compatible with the existing farm machinery. This kiln is still used today. The charcoal is easily lit and produced a lovely gentle heat to cook on.
Chiltern Lump Wood Charcoal is produced using traditional charcoal burning methods as stablished in Britain in the 19th Century.
The majority of charocal used in Britain today is imported and is made from hardwoods grown in rain forests. Our charcoal however, has been made using wood from The Chilterns and has been obtained using only traditional woodland management methods such as pollarding, coppicing and using wood thinnings and tops from fallen trees.
By buying British charcoal and encouraging others to do likewise you are helping to reduce the demand for imported charcoal produced from tropical hardwoods.