The handmade cakes we sell are skilfully made by Bury Farm Bakery in Royston, North Hertfordshire. An extensive range of high quality cakes, tarts and biscuits are available all year sound with speciality seasonal products also available at Christmas & Easter. The products include a range of gluten free and egg free options and no extra additives or preservatives are used. Products available include:

Slices & Biscuits

Macaroons, Gingerbread Men, Shortbread, Cinnamon & Fruit Twists, Various sponge slices, Fruit Flapjack, Almond Slice, Fruit And Cheese Scones.


Rich Fruit Cake, Gluten Free Carrot Cake, Coffee and Walnut, Nutty Cherry, Chocolate Gluten Free, Chocolate Banana, Lemon Fudge, Date & Walnut, Pineapple & Raisin, Gingerbread, Victoria Sandwiches - Chocolate, Coffee, Lemon, Jam & Vanilla.

Bakewell Tarts

Apricot, Lemon & Jam and Apple Fruit Pies